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The Best Ways To Boost Stakeholder Engagement

Public sector planning is an art and a science. Part of the art is getting all the various stakeholders to effectively participate in the decision-making process. At Decision Lens, we've had the privilege of working with a multitude of Federal, State and Local organizations. Clients use our software for strategic planning, capital improvement, and facilities planning. And time and time again we hear that one of the biggest hurdles to productive planning is the struggle to incorporate input from the public and other stakeholders. Why is it so hard?   Different decision makers - There are so darn many of them! Citizens, engineers, legislators, regulators, special interest groups...It's really difficult to answer to so many bosses. Competing priorities – Everyone comes to the table with a unique set of objectives, expecting that most of them with be met. And, unfortunately, what’s important to one group... Read More »

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Evaluating Risk & Reward in Innovation Project Selection

Last week our very own Kevin Connor was featured on an Innovation Enterprise webcast about “Evaluating Risk & Reward in Innovation Project Selection”. Click here for the recording. In the... Read More »

U.S. Manufacturing is Hot Again

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3 Trending Digital Innovations for Manufacturing

In this month’s Innovator Spotlight we chatted with Jacob Goodwin from the Digital Manufacturing & Design Innovation Institute. Jacob shared how DMDII’s Digital Lab for Manufacturing... Read More »

How, not who to draft: part two – MLB draft style

Tonight marks the first of three nights for the Major League Baseball Amateur Draft, in which the 30 teams of MLB will select players from all across the amateur spectrum. The MLB Draft is unique... Read More »

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