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The Top Question We Get From Prospects and How We Answer It

Contributed by Matt Ipri It happens all the time. A common question we encounter as a software company from nearly every prospect is, “Can you give me the ROI of your product?” And clearly, it’s a very reasonable question to ask. If you were about to invest thousands of dollars into a software solution that your organization has never heard of before, let alone had experience with, you absolutely should be asking about value and return. And, of course, as any good software company does, we’ve got some good data and good references to answer the question. But, I’m going to be a little too forthcoming here, and share the reality… It’s not easy to answer that question. We’re not alone here, as many other software solutions struggle with this question, it can be hard to truly quantify the value of software whose main output is information. And that’s what we sell. Information, analytics, data, and process. Other industries, like Business Intelligence, also sell on “better... Read More »

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