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IT Planning: When are “Costs” actually The Costs?

Contributed by John Saaty IT planning is quickly evolving with solutions that provide greater cost transparency and attribution. This is a good thing. For years (decades?), the IT organization has run as a non-cost attributable business operation. Because IT is not customer facing, and in many cases not even specific to a product, the costs related to IT were rolled up into G&A expenses. As the executive suite and CIOs become more attuned to the importance of instrumenting the organization with technological capabilities, it has become much more important to understand the relevant costs. CIOs will often bucket the IT investments broadly into categories including: strategic, informational, transactional, and infrastructure. IT Financial Management solutions provide detailed transparency for cost attribution across various types of projects and cost pools. But in planning, cost is really an estimate of future use of resources and can be inaccurate. Many IT planners understand that this inherent... Read More »

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On to the Playoff!

Contributed by Bela Barner Well, that settled it. Two weeks ago, we at Decision Lens were intrigued by the prospect of two potential upsets in conference championship games that threatened to... Read More »

Decision Lens Covered Alongside Software AG in Forrester Report on Making Smarter Investment Decisions

Contributed by Matt Ipri More and more smart organizations are turning to data and analytics in their attempt to optimize their spend on technology initiatives. In and out of the IT department,... Read More »

Who Should Go to the 2016 College Football Playoff?

Contributed by Bela Barner The second annual College Football Playoff is nearly upon us as the regular season ended last weekend. While the national media is largely focused on the (farfetched)... Read More »

How the 2016 Presidential Election Teaches Us Not to Ignore Decision Science

Contributed by Matt Ipri   With the election now in our rear view mirror, and the reactions swirling all around us, it’s really interesting to take a look at what happened.  The... Read More »

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