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Introducing the Decision Lens Community

Contributed by Michael Rahm   Our customers are the reason we work so hard on new product ideas and creative ways to tackle their most challenging problems. We are lucky to work with smart, innovative, and hard-working people from around the world. Most recently, we created a place for collaboration and knowledge sharing to exist in one place – the Decision Lens Community! We’ve All Been There It’s 2 AM – you have a meeting tomorrow with all of your stakeholders for a portfolio decision with heavy impacts throughout the company. You lie awake thinking about how to judge your projects and can’t sleep because you want to make sure things are done the right the first time. You know what I say to this? First off, go to bed. You and I know both know that being a zombie the next day isn’t going to do you any good. Second, check out the Decision Lens Community. If you’re thinking about it, others probably are too! Learn from your peers and share your knowledge. Where Do I... Read More »

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Getting the Most Out of Your Team

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The Top Question We Get From Prospects and How We Answer It

Contributed by Matt Ipri It happens all the time. A common question we encounter as a software company from nearly every prospect is, “Can you give me the ROI of your product?” And... Read More »

IT Leaders Using Agile – The Best Advice You Can Give to Your Finance Colleagues

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The August 2016 Release is Live – Equipped with Enhanced Controls and Stunning Visualizations

Contributed by Michael Rahm Administrators! We’re capping off August with a release for you! The August 2016 Release of Decision Lens contains new controls for granular-level administrative... Read More »

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