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The Chicken or the Egg in Strategy?

Contributed by Matt Ipri When working in Strategy Execution – we’re often confounded by a simple question: Are collaboration and better communication the actual GOAL of what we do? Or just an ancillary benefit? With a historical foundation in the fundamentals of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), it’s a not surprise that we talk about the value of collaboration and communication in making tough decisions. Many of the key tenets of AHP center on the combination of many different opinions into a universal “consensus” that drives how a decision gets made. We’ve built the best software in the world for making collaboration on a tough decision easier and more data-driven. But we often debate, even internally… What’s the REAL goal of an organization using strategic prioritization software? Is it the better portfolio outcome they get from using the software? Or is it the organizational benefits of collaboration and communication? We’ve had customers tell us it’s both. Many... Read More »

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A Burgeoning Opportunity for IT Organizations

Contributed by Michael Rahm IT leaders face a litany of challenges within their organizations, but quite possibly the toughest is showing value for every dollar spent. Long gone are the days of... Read More »

I Want “The Power”, but do “I HAVE THE POWER”?!

Contributed by Matt Ipri Many years ago, He-Man coined the phrase “I HAVE THE POWER!” Kids like me ate it up in spades. How could we not?! I wanted The Power! I wanted a sword that I... Read More »

Participate in a More Innovative Government

Contributed by Maddie Scott Many people and organizations turn to innovation when their current methods of problem solving go stale. Frequently, that is too late. What if you could incorporate... Read More »

Our Top 5 Blog Posts Worth a Second Read from 2016

Contributed by Adam Boggess Here is a look back at our top 5 blog posts in 2016. We discuss how to create a strong strategic vision for your organization, how to make your IT initiatives... Read More »

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