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Why CMOs Need to Shift from “Project” to “Portfolio” Management

Contributed by John Saaty Originally written for Energize Growth   As a marketing leader, do you have the necessary know-how to strategically manage a technology portfolio? As businesses continue the rapid move towards digital, more technology purchases will find a home in the marketing organization.  In fact, The Gartner Group estimates that 40% of technology investments are already happening outside of the IT organization. You likely have a mix of technology-related projects, ranging from applications or systems that your team is building. These include mobile apps, content management systems, back-end data systems, hosting solutions, CRM, and analysis.  Often referred to as the “marketing stack,” many of these systems or efforts were likely started as a discrete project. They often develop into ongoing capability that needs to be maintained, upgraded, and supported. Problems surface when you reach the crossover point. That’s when you  move from a handful of technology... Read More »

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Are You Creating an Efficient IT Portfolio? 

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The Many Definitions and Connotations of “Governance” in IT

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Feature Spotlight: Bubble Chart

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The Summer 2016 Release is Live!

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