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Product Release: A New Set of Features for the Summer

Happy day, happy day!!! New Decision Lens features are here today! Too much? Sorry, I just get really excited about the awesome work our developers do. You should be excited too because many of the new features are a direct result of the feedback and input that you provide. Bravo! First off, we are very excited to introduce a whole new level of customization and insight into your what-if scenario planning with Priority Rank Details. You now have the ability to include up to three new columns of data in the Sensitivity Analysis graph adding even more depth to your analysis. Information such as metric values, categories, and location of a project or investment can all be displayed giving your analysis greater meaning. You can try it out now in Decision Lens or see it in action in this short demo video. We are also proud to offer a brand new support site. The sparkling new Customer Support portal is the best place to find quick... Read More »

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Who should you draft and why? 2015 NBA Draft Edition

  It's draft time again Basketball and Hockey fans. I know this is an exciting time for teams on the cusp of a championship and even teams rebuilding, hoping to find their franchise... Read More »

New Decision Lens Video: Making IT Portfolio Planning More Intelligent!

If our customers are telling us anything these days, it’s that the IT area is in MOST need for the solutions we offer for prioritization. Your budgets are definitely not getting any larger and your... Read More »

Product Release: The Spring 2015 Release of Decision Lens Will Shake You to the Core!

It’s one of THOSE days again! One of THOSE days we can all be excited and revel in the power of Decision Lens. One of THOSE days we can be incredibly proud of the products and solutions we all sell... Read More »

What’s that You Say? The Website Looks Different? Yes, Yes It Does!

It’s an exhilarating day at Decision Lens as we kick off the next step in our maturation as a company. This is a big one. As of last night, we launched the brand new DecisionLens.com and it is now... Read More »

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