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Stats AND Scouts: Blending Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis for Sports Teams

Contributed by Gavin Byrnes   For a variety of cultural reasons, the sports world has long been the battleground of a clash of styles about how to use mathematics and data analysis; sports statistics have existed as long as sports have, but for most of history they have been used more often as tools to support conventional wisdom than as avenues for questioning it. While this began to change with the sabermetric revolution in baseball that started with Bill James in the 1980s and hit the mainstream with the Michael Lewis book and subsequent movie Moneyball about the mid-2000s Oakland A’s, there is still an inherent mistrust of analytics and “nerd stuff” among many in the sports world. The New York Times article “What Happens When Baseball-Stats Nerds Run a Pro Team?,” by Sam Miller is both an example of how and why this mistrust happens and a helpful source of ways to overcome it. When Miller and his colleague Ben Lindbergh were handed the metaphorical keys to the Sonoma Stompers,... Read More »

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Letting the Inmates Run the Asylum (temporarily…)

Contributed by Sanjay Nayar   Here at Decision Lens, we have some incredibly talented developers who are the heart and soul of the product knowing it inside and out, having written all the... Read More »

The Most Inspiring People I Know Ask the Best Questions

Contributed by Maddie Scott   The most inspiring people I know ask the best questions. Inspiration can come from many places. Your past. An afternoon walk. A delicious dinner with... Read More »

The Best of Breed Unite

Contributed by Adam Boggess   Recently, Decision Lens joined Apptio’s Technology Alliance Program, which is a collaborative ecosystem of technology partners that are at the forefront of... Read More »

A Spring Gift for You! The Decision Lens Spring 2016 Release is Live.

Contributed by Michael Rahm   Spring is finally upon us! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, mobile devices are being used for ratings. Wait, what? Mobile devices and ratings... Read More »

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