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Prioritizing Diversity

Contributed by Matt Ipri I had the pleasure of attending the CIO Perspectives event put on by CIO Magazine in Boston last week. We were there, of course, to meet with IT leaders from all industries in the Boston area to talk about their prioritization and strategic planning efforts to see how Decision Lens could push them forward more intelligently. We had some excellent conversations with IT leaders in banking, insurance, R&D, and more, which was great. But, in thinking back on the event, it wasn’t the great conversations I had that stuck out in my memory most… No, it was one of the panel discussions that was on an unexpected topic. Being a general “CIO” event, the topics were across the board for the needs of IT. From contracting and negotiating, to tracking internet activity data, to cloud hosting, and enterprise chat software. But there was one panel that stuck out a bit, and that was on the topic of diversity in the IT workplace and, more specifically, on many of the key... Read More »

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