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A Beginner’s Thrill

Contributed by Maddie Scott It’s not everyday that you get to earn the title of ‘beginner.’ Recently, I’ve found myself collecting ‘beginner’ badges with enthusiasm, more than any other time in my life. My most proud ‘beginner’ moment was finally signing up for swim lessons this past winter. I’ve relied too long on inflatable swans and dodging summer camp swim tests. After some careful consideration and 20+ years of procrastination, I finally signed up for classes with 4 other women. I was scared many times but showed up every class and owned my ‘beginner’ status. Who cares if there were 4 year-olds next to us with a better crawl stroke — I was in the pool and making it happen. I even took the time to practice outside of class and search YouTube for videos on swim strokes. Learning more and more about swimming made me want to do it more. Although, (spoiler alert) I won’t be swimming in the upcoming Olympics — I can now swim laps and I appreciate the willingness to try... Read More »

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Contributed by Michael Rahm “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts,... Read More »

Prioritizing Diversity

Contributed by Matt Ipri I had the pleasure of attending the CIO Perspectives event put on by CIO Magazine in Boston last week. We were there, of course, to meet with IT leaders from all... Read More »

IT Cost Transparency

Contributed by John Saaty   As IT increasingly becomes a strategic partner to the business, the ability to accurately attribute IT investments for both one-time and on-going... Read More »

Measure Twice, Cut Once – Criteria Definition is Key

Contributed by Michael Rahm   Writing this blog post has led me down an interesting path and has reinforced a very valuable lesson: Criteria set up and definition is HUGELY important... Read More »

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