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Post Title: What’s In a Name?  The “PMO” – Does the name cause more trouble than it’s worth?

The “PMO” has always been a bit of an enigma to organizational theorists.  There’s dozens of reasons for that, but it mainly stems from the endless questions that surround them: What exactly does it stand for – Does the “P” stand for “Project” or “Program”?  Both?  Neither?  And does that “O” stand for “Office” or “Organization”? Who’s on the team? What’s their main function? What organization does it live in? Can there be multiple PMOs? How broad should representation be? To make matters even more complicated, a new ingredient has been thrown into the mix over the last few years, the birth and growth of the “Enterprise PMO” or EPMO.  These higher level organizations are often made up of multiple PMOs across multiple divisions in a roll-up, umbrella-type situation.  But sometime they are standalone organizations looking at a completely different set of problems. At Decision Lens, we often work with PMOs from different industries and... Read More »

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