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How do you Prioritize?

As a software developer with a great set of solutions for IT organizations, we spend a decent amount of time working with the Gartner Group.  If you’re not familiar with them, they’re one of the leading IT solution analyst firms, offering research, ratings, and advice on many areas of improving IT.  Recently, they published an article on CIO’s FAQs About Governance.  We may have worked on that title a bit, because it makes it sound a bit too dry for us, it’s a pretty interesting read. The premise is that while strategy and governance are paramount to an organization’s success, most enterprises do neither particularly well.  And with that in mind, Gartner is encouraging CIOs and other IT Leaders to start working on it right away by implementing the “minimum” form of governance, just enough to start getting healthier.  And do you know what that “minimum” governance consists of?  It mainly comes down to investment and risk prioritization.  How will your organization deliver on all... Read More »

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