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How, not who to draft: part two – MLB draft style

Tonight marks the first of three nights for the Major League Baseball Amateur Draft, in which the 30 teams of MLB will select players from all across the amateur spectrum. The MLB Draft is unique among other major sports drafts for its length; while the NFL and NHL Drafts have seven rounds, and the NBA only two; MLB’s draft is forty rounds long, plus compensatory picks. Obviously, that is far more players than could ever play at the major league level; most will never come close to the big leagues. Even the top pick is not a guarantee of a future star; first overall picks have included stars Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez, and Bryce Harper but also Steve Chilcott, Brien Taylor, and Matt Bush, none of whom ever played even a single game in the majors. With such a high rate of failure, teams need to search for every edge they can get. Teams have a wide variety of information on players, from scouting reports and amateur statistics to... Read More »

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How, not who, do the Texans Choose in the NFL Draft?

The Houston Texans hold the number 1 overall pick in tonight’s NFL draft. This could be a bit surprising to some, given that Houston won 12 games and their division just a couple of years back. But... Read More »

Decision Lens Speaks at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business

Dr. Alison Denton was recently a guest lecturer at the University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business. At the invitation of Dr. Don Moore, Alison presented Decision Lens' project... Read More »

Lady Bird, the Wastewater Wonder

At Decision Lens, we help water companies evaluate, prioritize and fund capital investment projects that are good for communities and the environment.  So we were excited to read about DC Water’s... Read More »

Review Boards Hate Surprises

You just finished presenting the capital plan.  Everyone is on board with the projects you've selected.  And no one fainted when you laid out the budget. Just as you are shutting down your... Read More »

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