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Who Should Go to the 2016 College Football Playoff?

Contributed by Bela Barner The second annual College Football Playoff is nearly upon us as the regular season ended last weekend. While the national media is largely focused on the (farfetched) scenario that three Big Ten teams might lay claim to a playoff slot, the more intriguing scenario is if Clemson (11-1, #2 CFP) and Washington (11-1, #4 CFP) each lose in their conference championship games. This would leave only Alabama and Ohio State as the two power conference teams with less than two losses, all but ensuring that two two-loss teams make the playoff (all apologies to Western Michigan fans). In this scenario, the committee would face the quandary of selecting a pair of two-loss teams from a scrum that would include Clemson, Michigan, Washington, Colorado, Penn State or Wisconsin, and Oklahoma (reasonably assuming they beat an overrated Oklahoma State in the Bedlam game). The committee has insulated itself a bit thanks to the stickiness of its rankings and its incremental approach to... Read More »

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How the 2016 Presidential Election Teaches Us Not to Ignore Decision Science

Contributed by Matt Ipri   With the election now in our rear view mirror, and the reactions swirling all around us, it’s really interesting to take a look at what happened.  The... Read More »

5 Tips for Conference Attendees: Get the Most Out of Your Next Event

Contributed by Adam Boggess How do you approach an event? If you do it the right way, you will pick up new skills, learn about trends in your field, and meet new and valuable contacts. If you... Read More »

Introducing the Decision Lens Community

Contributed by Michael Rahm   Our customers are the reason we work so hard on new product ideas and creative ways to tackle their most challenging problems. We are lucky to work with... Read More »

Getting the Most Out of Your Team

Contributed by Maddie Scott Productivity as a group project. Our marketing team recently moved from multiple chat clients and email overload to a more collaborative method with Hipchat by... Read More »

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