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Feature Spotlight: Pareto Table – Thanksgiving Edition

Have you ever wondered what you could do with more money? What about if you lost money or time or employees; how would you get things done? Decision Lens understands your worry and offers a possible look into those scenarios with our Pareto Table. Given the holiday this week, let’s look deeper into the scenario from a Thanksgiving dinner point of view. Imagine you have a grocery list of items to pick up, ranging from things that you need, to things that you just want. You most likely have a budget to stick to and can’t afford everything on the list. With our Pareto Table, you are able to take a look at what your current grocery budget gets you from the market. You are also able to see in percentages of your choice what an increased or decreased budget would allow you to afford. Now as your budget increases or decreases, items that were once purchasable at previous budget levels might now be out of reach because something more valuable is now in reach and will absorb that budget. See... Read More »

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