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I Want “The Power”, but do “I HAVE THE POWER”?!

Contributed by Matt Ipri Many years ago, He-Man coined the phrase “I HAVE THE POWER!” Kids like me ate it up in spades. How could we not?! I wanted The Power! I wanted a sword that I could raise in the air and change from my sheepish little self into the “all-powerful” He-Man! And, of course, I wanted to be able to change my little cat – aptly named “Tiny” – from his smug little self into the almighty Battlecat! It was the dream! And, what’s nothing sort of amazing, is that dream continues for so many today…From our current government environment, where new sources of “power” are being flexed daily, to every organization across the country, trying to actually grab “the power” remains a constant, but important, struggle. And one of the most INTERESTING places where this struggle plays out is in IT organizations at large commercial entities. Nowhere else is there more consternation, in-fighting, and disagreement than about who has the final control over IT investments and... Read More »

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Participate in a More Innovative Government

Contributed by Maddie Scott Many people and organizations turn to innovation when their current methods of problem solving go stale. Frequently, that is too late. What if you could incorporate... Read More »

Our Top 5 Blog Posts Worth a Second Read from 2016

Contributed by Adam Boggess Here is a look back at our top 5 blog posts in 2016. We discuss how to create a strong strategic vision for your organization, how to make your IT initiatives... Read More »

Cross Assets Prioritization is Here to Stay

Contributed by Michael Rahm Hit the target, get rewarded. Miss the target, well, there are going to be consequences. We’re all familiar with this model, but in many cases, hitting the target... Read More »

IT Planning: When are “Costs” Actually the Costs?

Contributed by John Saaty IT planning is quickly evolving with solutions that provide greater cost transparency and attribution. This is a good thing. For years (decades?), the IT organization has... Read More »

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