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College Football Doesn’t Need a Better Playoff. It Needs a Better Selection Model.

Posted by Bela Barner on 2/1/16 4:15 PM

Our final examination of the 2015 College Football Playoff comes on the heels of National Signing Day 2016, when over 1,500 high school seniors will pledge their allegiance to FBS and FCS teams. Ranking high school football players has become its own industry, with at least five national rankings services offering detailed assessments of individual prospects and class composition. “Rankings Fest” might be the best way to describe this phenomenon. Do not worry—we have no intention of coming to this particular party. It is crowded enough.

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College Playoffs Are This Week. Did the Right Teams Get In?

Posted by Bela Barner on 12/28/15 10:40 AM

Did the 2015 College Football Playoff Selection Committee get it right? Will the best four teams be competing for the NCAA College Football Playoff National Championship? We leave it up to you to decide. But before you decide, consider how Decision Lens might approach this question.

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Decision Lens Takes on the College Football Playoffs

Posted by Bela Barner on 12/4/15 5:09 PM

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