Portfolio Planning Made Simple

The “Best-of-Breed vs Platform” Debate Hits the Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Sector

Posted by Matt Ipri on 8/4/17 1:50 PM

Contributed by Matt Ipri

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Lessons in Motivating and Mentoring Your Development Team

Posted by Madeline Scott on 8/3/17 11:31 AM

Create an Environment that Thrives on Strategic Innovation

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The Future is Now! “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” 2017 Recap

Posted by Adam Boggess on 8/3/17 11:21 AM


The future is an interesting thing to think about these days. With everything going on around the globe, around the U.S., around your neighborhood even, it’s hard to even fathom what next month, year, or even decade holds for us. This is a thought I had last week when we hosted our annual “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” at our office.

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Never Miss an Update from Your Team with the Activity Log – Feature Overview

Posted by Michael Rahm on 8/3/17 11:13 AM

New Features are a Click Away

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The Chicken or the Egg in Strategy?

Posted by Matt Ipri on 4/17/17 2:57 PM

When working in Strategy Execution – we’re often confounded by a simple question: Are collaboration and better communication the actual GOAL of what we do? Or just an ancillary benefit?

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