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Product Release: The Summer 2014 Release Brings The Most Powerful Prioritization You’ve Ever Seen

Posted by Michael Rahm on 6/25/14 4:41 PM

It’s a big day here at Decision Lens HQ. We’re excited to announce that our latest release is live and available to all of our customers. In many ways, this is the biggest and most powerful release in our history and we’re quite proud of what we are bringing to you as of today.

As of early this morning, all of our users have access to a revolutionary set of analytics and visualizations targeted at improving your strategic prioritization and resource optimization. Never again will you have to manually rank a portfolio of programs or attempt to optimize budget and resources for project implementation by hand.

Specifically, we’re excited to introduce to you:

Read all about the release in our news release from this morning: http://decisionlens.com/news/major_upgrades_for_cloud_based_strategic_prioritization_platform/

Go to http://decisionlens.com/product-release/release-summer2014 for more information and to view product tours of all the great new features that will revolutionize your resource allocation and strategic prioritization.

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