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The Future is Now! “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” 2017 Recap

Posted by Adam Boggess on 8/3/17 11:21 AM


The future is an interesting thing to think about these days. With everything going on around the globe, around the U.S., around your neighborhood even, it’s hard to even fathom what next month, year, or even decade holds for us. This is a thought I had last week when we hosted our annual “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” at our office.

At Decision Lens, we focus mostly on innovating the decision-making process for major organizations and governments. But we also know that the future is full of new decision makers and we need to do our part to instill those innovative values in young minds early and often.

As many organizations did last week, we opened our doors to the young girls and boys of our employees to share a glimpse of what their parents do every day. Our theme for this year was “anything is possible”.

One of the favorite sessions of the day featured our design team discussing the importance of logos, branding, and overall design guidelines companies should abide by. The kids were tested on whether or not they could tell the real logo from a fake logo of many Fortune 500 companies. Other tips around consistent color schemes, proper use of a logo or brand, and font tips were among many shared throughout the session. We even discussed the logo for the day’s event which could be found on the very t-shirts the kids were given that day.

“Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” is a special tradition and Decision Lens enjoys creating a day filled with games, activities, and learning. We hope they continue to use what we shared with them on their journey into the future and we can’t wait to have them back next year!

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