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What’s that You Say? The Website Looks Different? Yes, Yes It Does!

Posted by Matt Ipri on 1/29/15 3:52 PM

It’s an exhilarating day at Decision Lens as we kick off the next step in our maturation as a company. This is a big one. As of last night, we launched the brand new DecisionLens.com and it is now making its way through the interwebs to all of you, our faithful customers, partners, and prospects.

With the features coming out to you in April as part of the forthcoming Spring release, Decision Lens is more powerful and rich than ever before, and this website is our first step in announcing that. There will be plenty more steps, but this is the first.

  • You’ll see lots of references to the “complete process” and the “end-to-end process”.
  • You’ll see the beautiful new “complete process” graphic.
  • You’ll see a clear focus on our solution areas: R&D, Capital Assets, IT, and Government.
  • You’ll see aspirational and inspirational new language about “The Intelligent Portfolio”.
  • You’ll see key new benefit words like “increased confidence” and “reacting to change”.

And of course, in addition to the new messaging and features, this new website is a step forward in technology and design. It’s a website we’re incredibly proud to share with all of you.

  • You’ll see a focus on your learning cycle: whether you’re just figuring out who we are, kicking the tires a bit, reading some details in depth, or if you’ve decided to reach out to us for a demo, we’ve got you covered!
  • You’ll see beautiful new abstracted product demos, giving you a feel for the software before you ever see it.
  • You’ll see amazing dynamic design, as the site formats for mobile devices and small screens with ease and simplicity.
  • You’ll see impressive interactivity and motion across the site.

Please give it a whirl and let us know your thoughts and feedback. Positive or Negative. We want to hear it. decisionlens.com.

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