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It’s an Exciting Year to be Sponsoring the 2017 Gartner Program & Portfolio Management Summit!

Contributed by Adam Boggess For the 5th straight year, we’ll be a part of Gartner’s Summit event on the PPM space, and for the 2nd straight year, we’ll be one of the Sponsors. Year after... Read More »

New Feature! Harness Project Data with the New Data Import Wizard

Contributed by Michael Rahm Project data is stored in a variety of locations across your business. Whether some of it lives in PPM systems, IT Financial Systems, or even in the heads of project... Read More »

The “Best-of-Breed vs Platform” Debate hits the Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Sector

Contributed by Matt Ipri I guess it’s sort of a coming of age for a product marketplace: that time when the age-old, clichéd situations that OLDER product marketplaces have been experiencing... Read More »

Lessons in Motivating and Mentoring Your Development Team

Contributed by Maddie Scott Create an Environment that Thrives on Strategic Innovation I had the chance to speak with Ryan Gay, our Chief Technology Officer at Decision Lens, and learn about... Read More »

The Future is Now! “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” 2017 Recap

Contributed by Adam Boggess The future is an interesting thing to think about these days. With everything going on around the globe, around the U.S., around your neighborhood even, it’s hard to... Read More »

Never Miss an Update from Your Team with the Activity Log – Feature Overview

Contributed by Michael Rahm New Features are a Click Away Great news! The Decision Lens Developers have been hard at work to bring you new administrative features and an updated design for a... Read More »

The Chicken or the Egg in Strategy?

Contributed by Matt Ipri When working in Strategy Execution – we’re often confounded by a simple question: Are collaboration and better communication the actual GOAL of what we do? Or just... Read More »

A Burgeoning Opportunity for IT Organizations

Contributed by Michael Rahm IT leaders face a litany of challenges within their organizations, but quite possibly the toughest is showing value for every dollar spent. Long gone are the days of... Read More »

I Want “The Power”, but do “I HAVE THE POWER”?!

Contributed by Matt Ipri Many years ago, He-Man coined the phrase “I HAVE THE POWER!” Kids like me ate it up in spades. How could we not?! I wanted The Power! I wanted a sword that I... Read More »

Participate in a More Innovative Government

Contributed by Maddie Scott Many people and organizations turn to innovation when their current methods of problem solving go stale. Frequently, that is too late. What if you could incorporate... Read More »

Our Top 5 Blog Posts Worth a Second Read from 2016

Contributed by Adam Boggess Here is a look back at our top 5 blog posts in 2016. We discuss how to create a strong strategic vision for your organization, how to make your IT initiatives... Read More »

Cross Assets Prioritization is Here to Stay

Contributed by Michael Rahm Hit the target, get rewarded. Miss the target, well, there are going to be consequences. We’re all familiar with this model, but in many cases, hitting the target... Read More »

IT Planning: When are “Costs” Actually the Costs?

Contributed by John Saaty IT planning is quickly evolving with solutions that provide greater cost transparency and attribution. This is a good thing. For years (decades?), the IT organization has... Read More »

On to the Playoff!

Contributed by Bela Barner Well, that settled it. Two weeks ago, we at Decision Lens were intrigued by the prospect of two potential upsets in conference championship games that threatened to... Read More »

Decision Lens Covered Alongside Software AG in Forrester Report on Making Smarter Investment Decisions

Contributed by Matt Ipri More and more smart organizations are turning to data and analytics in their attempt to optimize their spend on technology initiatives. In and out of the IT department,... Read More »

Who Should Go to the 2016 College Football Playoff?

Contributed by Bela Barner The second annual College Football Playoff is nearly upon us as the regular season ended last weekend. While the national media is largely focused on the (farfetched)... Read More »

How the 2016 Presidential Election Teaches Us Not to Ignore Decision Science

Contributed by Matt Ipri   With the election now in our rear view mirror, and the reactions swirling all around us, it’s really interesting to take a look at what happened.  The... Read More »

5 Tips for Conference Attendees: Get the Most Out of Your Next Event

Contributed by Adam Boggess How do you approach an event? If you do it the right way, you will pick up new skills, learn about trends in your field, and meet new and valuable contacts. If you... Read More »

Introducing the Decision Lens Community

Contributed by Michael Rahm   Our customers are the reason we work so hard on new product ideas and creative ways to tackle their most challenging problems. We are lucky to work with... Read More »

Getting the Most Out of Your Team

Contributed by Maddie Scott Productivity as a group project. Our marketing team recently moved from multiple chat clients and email overload to a more collaborative method with Hipchat by... Read More »

The Top Question We Get From Prospects and How We Answer It

Contributed by Matt Ipri It happens all the time. A common question we encounter as a software company from nearly every prospect is, “Can you give me the ROI of your product?” And... Read More »

IT Leaders Using Agile – The Best Advice You Can Give to Your Finance Colleagues

Contributed by John Saaty   Teach your finance colleagues buried in an Industrial Revolution Era of financial management and resourcing that there is a better way. It is too... Read More »

The August 2016 Release is Live – Equipped with Enhanced Controls and Stunning Visualizations

Contributed by Michael Rahm Administrators! We’re capping off August with a release for you! The August 2016 Release of Decision Lens contains new controls for granular-level administrative... Read More »

A Beginner’s Thrill

Contributed by Maddie Scott It’s not everyday that you get to earn the title of ‘beginner.’ Recently, I’ve found myself collecting ‘beginner’ badges with enthusiasm, more than any... Read More »


Contributed by Michael Rahm “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts,... Read More »

Prioritizing Diversity

Contributed by Matt Ipri I had the pleasure of attending the CIO Perspectives event put on by CIO Magazine in Boston last week. We were there, of course, to meet with IT leaders from all... Read More »

IT Cost Transparency

Contributed by John Saaty   As IT increasingly becomes a strategic partner to the business, the ability to accurately attribute IT investments for both one-time and on-going... Read More »

Measure Twice, Cut Once – Criteria Definition is Key

Contributed by Michael Rahm   Writing this blog post has led me down an interesting path and has reinforced a very valuable lesson: Criteria set up and definition is HUGELY important... Read More »

Feature Spotlight – Negative Costs are Now Possible!

Contributed by Bill Adams   It is now easier than ever to specify costs for your alternatives and make use of our Suggest Schedule algorithm. Find and schedule your alternatives for the... Read More »

Why CMOs Need to Shift from “Project” to “Portfolio” Management

Contributed by John Saaty Originally written for Energize Growth   As a marketing leader, do you have the necessary know-how to strategically manage a technology portfolio? As... Read More »

Are You Creating an Efficient IT Portfolio? 

Contributed by Kristen Bezier-McNally As the Director of Business Development, my team and I are responsible for sales development and involved in many initial conversations with prospective... Read More »

The Many Definitions and Connotations of “Governance” in IT

Contributed by Matt Ipri   After spending 17 years in the technology and IT space, I find I’m rarely that surprised by things anymore, especially things involving organizational dynamics... Read More »

Feature Spotlight: Bubble Chart

Contributed by Adam Boggess   Have you ever needed to see your portfolio or group of projects in a different visual setting? I know most of the time I benefit from having another set... Read More »

The Summer 2016 Release is Live!

Contributed by Michael Rahm   The Summer 2016 Release is live! With this release, Decision Lens makes data collection faster, increases transparency, and provides new analytics for... Read More »

Hey CIO, do you hear that giant crashing sound? You’re going to need to help the rest of the organization before it hurts itself.

Contributed by John Saaty   As businesses continue to transform through the use of new technologies and applications, it is now well forecast and understood that much of that technological... Read More »

To enhance strategic discipline and effectiveness, increase “strategy inclusivity”

Contributed by Karsten Daponte   Organizations often generate Strategic Plans to communicate the leadership’s objectives for the coming year or to convey a new vision. While these... Read More »

Stats AND Scouts: Blending Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis for Sports Teams

Contributed by Gavin Byrnes   For a variety of cultural reasons, the sports world has long been the battleground of a clash of styles about how to use mathematics and data analysis; sports... Read More »

Letting the Inmates Run the Asylum (temporarily…)

Contributed by Sanjay Nayar   Here at Decision Lens, we have some incredibly talented developers who are the heart and soul of the product knowing it inside and out, having written all the... Read More »

The Most Inspiring People I Know Ask the Best Questions

Contributed by Maddie Scott   The most inspiring people I know ask the best questions. Inspiration can come from many places. Your past. An afternoon walk. A delicious dinner with... Read More »

The Best of Breed Unite

Contributed by Adam Boggess   Recently, Decision Lens joined Apptio’s Technology Alliance Program, which is a collaborative ecosystem of technology partners that are at the forefront of... Read More »

A Spring Gift for You! The Decision Lens Spring 2016 Release is Live.

Contributed by Michael Rahm   Spring is finally upon us! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, mobile devices are being used for ratings. Wait, what? Mobile devices and ratings... Read More »

You Have to Prioritize Between Build and Maintain

Contributed by John Saaty   Have you experienced the following situation?  You use a software application, you like it, and the software company comes out with a new release.  The... Read More »

Building a Strategic Government Portfolio

Contributed by Michael Rahm   Recently, Decision Lens hosted a federal-focused event highlighting the best practices in building more strategic government portfolios. Five different... Read More »

Feature Spotlight: Value ROI

Contributed by Adam Boggess   When making investment decisions, one of the most important factors is cost. If the cost is the leading criteria -- how you value that investment isn’t... Read More »

Technology is Your Accelerator

Contributed by Maddie Scott   It is safe to say that the title of this blog post will not be a surprise. Technology defines our daily lives — our medicine, governments, personal... Read More »

Is “System of Record” a Good Word or a Bad Word?

Contributed by Matt Ipri   I’ve had a number of conversations with organizations recently, in both public AND private sector organizations, where the topic of a “system of record”... Read More »

The Winter 2016 Release is Live!

Contributed by Michael Rahm   A new year means new analytics and updated visualizations to get your portfolio prioritization off to a great start! Both the Trade Off Analysis and... Read More »

College Football Doesn’t Need a Better Playoff. It Needs a Better Selection Model.

Contributed by Bela Barner   Our final examination of the 2015 College Football Playoff comes on the heels of National Signing Day 2016, when over 1,500 high school seniors will pledge... Read More »

Don’t Let Bad Planning be Par for the Course

Contributed by Michael Rahm   The PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association) Tour has become an extremely lucrative venue for golfers to earn paychecks that we once only saw in sports like... Read More »

Feature Spotlight: Geo Map

Contributed by Adam Boggess   Maps. Maps make everything better. Imagine the ability to see your entire global R&D portfolio on a map. Well, how would that help me? What if it was... Read More »

New Year, New You

Contributed by Maddie Scott   Just this week, I visited my childhood home and noticed the ceiling above my bed is still missing paint where an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper used to live. Before... Read More »

College Playoffs Are This Week. Did the Right Teams Get In?

Contributed by Bela Barner   Did the 2015 College Football Playoff Selection Committee get it right? Will the best four teams be competing for the NCAA College Football Playoff National... Read More »

Twas the Night Before the CIO Visit!

Contributed by Matt Ipri   Twas the week before Strategy Day, and all through floor EVERY creature was stirring, with chills to their core! The deadlines were set with many months to... Read More »

Secret Sauce for the CIO – More Visibility Provides More Control

Contributed by John Saaty   Imagine if you were asked to drive a car that looked just like a normal car, but when you sat in the drivers seat it was missing the steering wheel and... Read More »

Vegans, Pescatarians, and Raw Foodists, oh my! How to Strategically Stretch Your Resources this Holiday Season and Keep Everyone Stuffed and Happy

Contributed by Kevin Ford While we all wish we had a cornucopia to draw from, the sad truth is there are only so many sweet yams to go around this holiday season. To make matters even more... Read More »

Decision Lens Takes on the College Football Playoffs

Contributed by Bela Barner Is there a greater source of virtual drama than selecting the 4 teams that will compete in the College Football Playoff (CFP)? Without a consistent set of opponents,... Read More »

Stop the Waste! Share Your IT Services.

Contributed by Michael Rahm Shared services – it sounds scary, but shared environments, especially for IT projects, are becoming more and more critical. There are new opportunities to... Read More »

Feature Spotlight: Pareto Table – Thanksgiving Edition

Contributed by Adam Boggess Have you ever wondered what you could do with more money? What about if you lost money or time or employees; how would you get things done? Decision Lens... Read More »

Innovative Transportation is On the Way


We met many great leaders in transportation while attending this year’s annual Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (AMPO) conference in October. It was an inspiring three days to... Read More »

The Surprising Value of Intelligent Portfolio Planning


When you’re selling a software solution that most organizations haven’t ever heard of or seen before, you spend a lot of time evangelizing.  You spend a lot of time asking a set of foundation... Read More »

Are you Planning for Change?

“Change before you have to.” - Jack Welch A famous quote from the former CEO of GE advises us that you have to seek change. One of the greatest challenges in corporate America is to constantly... Read More »

Don’t get Spooked Creating Content This Halloween


Sometimes the task of generating fresh content can give you quite the fright. Whether it’s a presentation for a client or a paragraph for your webpage, even a simple company email, we all have to... Read More »

Product Release: The Fall 2015 Release Makes Your Portfolio Data Collection Easier than Ever

It’s becoming an annual tradition around Decision Lens to put out an October release that makes the work (and lives) of our customers easier.  Focusing on removing the pain and torture of true,... Read More »

Building a Bridge Across the Patent Cliff


Companies, regardless of scope or industry face risk. Pharmaceutical companies contend with R&D pipeline drought and complex changes in regulation that bring new and unanticipated expenditures.... Read More »

Gartner, Orlando, and Sales….Oh My!

Decision Lens had the pleasure of being a first-time sponsor of the 2015 Gartner Symposium and ITXPO last week in Orlando, Florida. And let me tell you, it was something to behold. This is really a... Read More »

Feature Spotlight: What-If Scenario Planning

Oftentimes when planning your project pipelines you think your prioritizations are sound and you begin to feel safe. However, there are some instances where your organization needs to pivot and... Read More »

Is it possible to become more creative?

The word “creative” can be an intimidating title to hold and even more daunting to defend. As a life-long procrastinator, it’s easy for me to point to “the creative process” for taking a... Read More »

What’s In a Name?  The “PMO” – Does the name cause more trouble than it’s worth?

The “PMO” has always been a bit of an enigma to organizational theorists.  There’s dozens of reasons for that, but it mainly stems from the endless questions that surround them: What... Read More »

Workforce Planning – Move to Modernize

Workforce planning has become an increasingly hot topic among many organizations that we talk to – both in the commercial and the government markets. The history around workforce planning has... Read More »

What’s INBOUND Got to do With This?

Last week our marketing team voyaged to Boston for INBOUND 2015, a conference like no other with over 14,000 attendees eager to swap best practices and punch lines. We listened to keynotes delivered... Read More »

Feature Spotlight: Trade-Off Analysis

When prioritizing your portfolio, you usually see what projects or programs rise to the top as winners and which fall to the bottom as losers. Now depending on “What If” planning some of the... Read More »

Got Blueprints?

Patch Release Notes are back with the latest and greatest developments, fixes, and new features! Here we go! First off, we have removed the Metric Time Period limit… well we extended it out 999... Read More »

How do you Prioritize?

As a software developer with a great set of solutions for IT organizations, we spend a decent amount of time working with the Gartner Group.  If you’re not familiar with them, they’re one of the... Read More »

More Patch Release Notes Means More Improvements!

Great news everyone! The Decision Lens developers have been working hard on improving the performance of our solution and ensuring a continued excellent user experience. In this latest patch... Read More »

Patch Release Notes

We’re keeping you guys as up-to-date as possible with this week’s edition of “Patch Release Notes”. In an effort to make sure all of our users are kept in the loop with the latest Decision... Read More »

Product Release: A New Set of Features for the Summer

Happy day, happy day!!! New Decision Lens features are here today! Too much? Sorry, I just get really excited about the awesome work our developers do. You should be excited too because many of the... Read More »

Who should you draft and why? 2015 NBA Draft Edition

  It's draft time again Basketball and Hockey fans. I know this is an exciting time for teams on the cusp of a championship and even teams rebuilding, hoping to find their franchise... Read More »

New Decision Lens Video: Making IT Portfolio Planning More Intelligent!

If our customers are telling us anything these days, it’s that the IT area is in MOST need for the solutions we offer for prioritization. Your budgets are definitely not getting any larger and your... Read More »

Product Release: The Spring 2015 Release of Decision Lens Will Shake You to the Core!

It’s one of THOSE days again! One of THOSE days we can all be excited and revel in the power of Decision Lens. One of THOSE days we can be incredibly proud of the products and solutions we all sell... Read More »

What’s that You Say? The Website Looks Different? Yes, Yes It Does!

It’s an exhilarating day at Decision Lens as we kick off the next step in our maturation as a company. This is a big one. As of last night, we launched the brand new and it is now... Read More »

The Best Ways To Boost Stakeholder Engagement

Public sector planning is an art and a science. Part of the art is getting all the various stakeholders to effectively participate in the decision-making process. At Decision Lens, we've... Read More »

Evaluating Risk & Reward in Innovation Project Selection

Last week our very own Kevin Connor was featured on an Innovation Enterprise webcast about “Evaluating Risk & Reward in Innovation Project Selection”. Click here for the recording. In the... Read More »

Product Release: Woo-hoooo! The Fall 2014 Release Landed Today!

There’s a lot of happy developers and marketers at Decision Lens HQ today. That’s because another release has hit the market and our customers are now treated to some of the best in deeper... Read More »

U.S. Manufacturing is Hot Again

We couldn’t have chosen a better time to spotlight R&D and innovation in Manufacturing! According to the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis, manufacturing now represents... Read More »

3 Trending Digital Innovations for Manufacturing

In this month’s Innovator Spotlight we chatted with Jacob Goodwin from the Digital Manufacturing & Design Innovation Institute. Jacob shared how DMDII’s Digital Lab for Manufacturing... Read More »

We’re Proud to Announce the (Soft) Launch of Decision Lens University!

With over 70 courses and dozens of hours of on-demand content, we are excited to let our users know that quietly, as of today, they have access to the brand new education site from Decision Lens:... Read More »

Product Release: The Summer 2014 Release Brings The Most Powerful Prioritization You’ve Ever Seen

It’s a big day here at Decision Lens HQ. We’re excited to announce that our latest release is live and available to all of our customers. In many ways, this is the biggest and most powerful... Read More »

How, not who to draft: part two – MLB draft style

Tonight marks the first of three nights for the Major League Baseball Amateur Draft, in which the 30 teams of MLB will select players from all across the amateur spectrum. The MLB Draft is unique... Read More »

How, not who, do the Texans Choose in the NFL Draft?

The Houston Texans hold the number 1 overall pick in tonight’s NFL draft. This could be a bit surprising to some, given that Houston won 12 games and their division just a couple of years back. But... Read More »

Decision Lens Speaks at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business

Dr. Alison Denton was recently a guest lecturer at the University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business. At the invitation of Dr. Don Moore, Alison presented Decision Lens' project... Read More »

Lady Bird, the Wastewater Wonder

Lady Bird

At Decision Lens, we help water companies evaluate, prioritize and fund capital investment projects that are good for communities and the environment.  So we were excited to read about DC Water’s... Read More »

Review Boards Hate Surprises

You just finished presenting the capital plan.  Everyone is on board with the projects you've selected.  And no one fainted when you laid out the budget. Just as you are shutting down your... Read More »

An Enhancement to the Fall 2013 Release of Decision Lens

It’s our pleasure to announce that last Friday, the first set of enhancements to the Fall 2013 release were put into production. All current users already have access to these great improvements to... Read More »

Know-It-All’s, Whiners and 800 Pound Gorillas in the Planning Process

Sometimes the hardest part of building the capital plan isn't massaging the numbers and prioritizing the projects. The most grueling challenge can be facilitating discussions with all the various... Read More »

Get Your Mind IN the Gutter…

And in the subway tunnel, boiler room, and power station. Every day, people ignore these unseen assets that sustain their daily lives.  They overlook the importance of the power cables, water... Read More »

Reflecting on this year’s capital plan…

December is a perfect time for reflection.  As you look back on the capital plan you developed this year, have you considered what to do with the borderline projects that were dropped from last... Read More »

Emergency maintenance requests clouding your decision making?

Balancing the immediacy of emergency repairs with the benefits of planned maintenance and renovations is a classic challenge within facilities management.  And understandably so. When... Read More »

Introducing Decision Lens Capital Assets

Decision Lens is already the leader in prioritization and resource allocation solutions.  For years, we’ve helped commercial, government, military and even sports organizations collaboratively... Read More »